As a licensed practitioner of Discovery Insights, we help your team actualize potential in order to maximize performance.

By diving in and understanding what makes both your leadership and team members tick, Brad is able to provide strategies to transform any team. From fiery reds and sunshine yellows, to cool blues and earthy greens, every team has a different driving force and through Discovery Insights, Brad can help you discover yours.


Recognize your leadership style and learn how to communicate with impact.

Through Discovery Insights, Brad can help your leaders discover their own personal management style, recognize how it can be perceived by others and learn how it can be adapted to promote a strong and efficient workforce.

Enhance connection and cultivate your ideal work environment.

Statistics prove that happy team members are not only more efficient, but they are more likely to remain with a company. Through Discovery Insights, Brad can help leaders build out their team by cultivating a workplace environment that people don’t want to leave.

Play to your strengths and where you drive value.

Learn how to capitalize on your strengths, better understand the value you deliver to the team, and how to harness more of that capability to actualize on your potential.

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