About Brad Israel

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Brad Israel, Founder & President of Warrior 360

Our Beliefs and How We Help Your Business

We believe in a "warrior spirit." We are obsessive over the relentless pursuit of excellence. We believe in a positive impact; go make a difference. We believe in ownership and accountability; look in the mirror. We believe in chasing better; growth is possible - it is a choice.


Performance Coaching

Through performance coaching, Brad works with both individuals and groups to help define their path, purpose, and process through accountability and communication. The focus is on leader and organizational behavior and the transformation that occurs through a methodical 360 approach.


Leadership Workshop

Brad’s Warrior 360 curriculum begins with learning more about yourself and your leading self so that it can then turn to how we lead others.


Keynote Speaking

Brad delivers keynote speeches on areas of leadership. His presentations are interactive, informative, and inspiring. Each speech is customized to meet the needs of the client or audience be it a formal setting or an offsite retreat.

Some of the workshops include:
  • Insights 101
  • Insights 201
  • Leader Effectiveness + Team Effectiveness
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • The Accountable Leader
  • Leaders as Force Multipliers
  • Leading in the Moment
  • Productivity Habits of High Achievers

Discovery Insights

As a licensed practitioner of Discovery Insights, Brad uses this tool to drive self-awareness and connection so we can become better leaders through communication, relationships, influence, and impact.

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Speaking or Insights Inquiries

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