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Build your dream team by cultivating an environment employees don't want to leave. Transform your culture, develop your leadership and engage your people. Explore our services below to learn how we can help.


1. Speaking

Brad delivers keynote speeches on areas of leadership. His presentations are interactive, informative, and inspiring. Each speech is customized to meet the needs of the client or audience be it a formal setting or an offsite retreat.

A few of our topics include:
  • The Leader Mentality
  • The Power of Choices
  • Building Trust on the Team
  • Accountability & Ownership
  • How Abundance Can Ignite Compassion
  • Leaders Developing Leaders

2. Coaching

The interpersonal skills that lead to deeper and more meaningful relationships will prove to be invaluable as you grow your team. It is imperative that you build these human connections through trust and transparency when the stakes are low so you can utilize them in the best possible way when the environment changes. Brad works with both individuals and groups to help define their path, purpose, and process through accountability and communication. The focus is on leader and organizational behavior and the transformation that occurs through a methodical 360 approach.

Our Process:
  • Awareness - who and how you are
  • Engagement - how you show up
  • Performance - the impact you have
  • Reflection - your personal growth
Brad Israel holding a workshop in Fairhope Alabama at The Grand Hotel

3. Workshops

The Warrior 360 curriculum begins with learning more about yourself and leading self so that it can then turn to how we lead others. From emotional intelligence and interpersonal skill development to feedback and fierce conversations, the model is effective at creating sustainable change within the organization and developing high performing leaders and teams.

Some of the workshops include:
  • Insights 101
  • Insights 201
  • Leader Effectiveness + Team Effectiveness
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • The Accountable Leader
  • Leaders as Force Multipliers
  • Leading in the Moment
  • Productivity Habits of High Achievers

As a licensed practitioner of Discovery Insights, we help your team discover their true potential.

By diving in and understanding what makes both your leadership and employees tick, we are able to provide strategies to transform any team. From fiery reds and sunshine yellows, to cool blues and earthy greens, every team has a different driving force and we help you discover yours.


Develop your leadership and teach them how to communicate.

We help your leaders discover their own personal management style, recognize how it can be perceived by others and learn how it can be adapted to promote a strong and efficient workforce.

Increase employee engagement and cultivate your ideal work environment.

Statistics prove that happy employees are not only more efficient, but they are more likely to remain with a company. We help leaders build their dream team by cultivating an environment that employees don't want to leave.

Play to Your Strengths and Where You Drive Value.

Learn how to capitalize on your strengths, better understand the value you deliver to the team, and how to harness more of that capability to actualize on your potential.

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Brad Israel, President of Warrior 360

Brad Israel, Founder & President of Warrior 360

Keeping with our purpose to see all we can do with all we have been given, Brad Israel recently gave a speech on how abundance can ignite compassion for TEDx. View his talk below.

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